Staff Bios


JP began guiding in the 1980s as a white water canoe instructor on northern California rivers.  In 1994, he moved to Moab, Utah, and earned his Utah Guide License and began guiding jet boat, canoe, kayak, and raft trips on the Colorado and Green Rivers. JP joined CRD in 2007 and continues his passion for guiding and river history.


Southern Utah and the Page area has always been home to James. We have a hard time getting this guy off the river. He willingly admits to spending the majority of my time on the water. When he’s not guiding, he also volunteers with Arizona/Utah Game & Fish.


David was born and raised in Kentucky and lived 37 years in Palm Beach County, FL.  He’s a retired certified golf course superintendent.  David moved to Page in 2007 and started guiding with CRD in 2009.  When he’s not on the river, David is an extreme traveler (having been to all 50 states at least twice, 6 continents, 51 national parks, and all MLB ballparks).  He is also an avid sports fan, hiker, and published photographer who enjoys “chasing light” with a camera.


When asked, Brent will say he has the best jobs in the world. He splits his time between guiding on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon and painting Southwest art in Tubac, Tucson, Sedona, Page, and Jackson Hole.


Holly has been guiding on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon since 2012. Being from Page, she’ll tell you that she sprouted from the lake. She loves everything about canyon country. When she’s not on the river, you can find her exploring, playing her guitar, or just hanging out with friends.

colorado river guide


Korey took his first rafting trip through the Grand Canyon at the age of 12 and has been coming back ever since. Korey has been working for CRD since 2007 and loves sharing this beautiful stretch of river with the guests he takes down. In his free time, you can find him kayaking, skiing, rafting other rivers and reading.


After retiring as a Game Warden from Arizona Game & Fish, Becky moved north to Page and started guiding for Colorado River Discovery. She now splits her summers between floating down Glen Canyon and running the rapids downstream in the Grand Canyon. Becky loves everything that has to do with the Colorado River….and we mean everything!


Brad has been guiding seasonally on the Colorado River since 1985. When not down in the canyon, you’ll find him in Prescott, Arizona running Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!), a non profit organization that strives to provide employment for developmentally disabled adults. Down on the river, you can’t miss him….he’ll serenade you with guitar in hand.


Drew started guiding in 2006 after moving to Arizona from Florida. It didn’t take long to realize that he had stumbled into the “best job ever.” Drew is happily married with two children. Prior to finding his passion for the river, Drew was a Marine Corps officer and studied sports medicine at the University of Florida and law at the University of South Dakota.


Ashley was born in St George, UT and graduated in 2011 from Page High School.  As one of our youngest river guides, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to watch Ashley get her feet wet in the river running environment.  She loves rainy days in the canyon because she believes interactions are more fun than usual. “Everyone is treated to some extraordinary sights, and you truly get an idea of what people are like in what many would consider ‘less than ideal’ circumstances.”  She loves meeting new people and sharing her new love of river rafting with her guests.



Kris started guiding back in her home state of Colorado on the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers when she was in high school. After receiving a degree in wildlife biology in Florida, she moved back out west to do biological field work for the National Park Service, United States Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and various wildlife departments in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Missing her time on the river, Kris returned to guiding seasonally on the Colorado River in Black, Glen, and Grand Canyons.


Jon was born and raised in Page, Arizona.  His family has a long history in the area.  His grandfather worked on the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam as a highscaler and then moved onto building the Navajo Generating Station.  He’s been guiding for a short time, but says he’s now hooked on the river for life!  When asked what his most extraordinary river experience so far, he raves about seeing two California Condors circling above his raft.  Maybe Jon forgot that Condors are scavengers and might have been looking at their next meal.  Jon uses his time on the river as a break from working at the Navajo Generating Station as an environmental technician.



Aaron grew up in central Florida on the coast, but didn’t have much interest in water at all. After earning a degree in English Literature and traveling all over the globe, he joined the Peace Corps and lived in Mongolia for 2 years teaching English in a rural village. He met some amazing people, learned about the culture and language, and gained an awesome and eye opening world perspective. Aaron spends his summers on the river in Glen Canyon and is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language.


Brendyce was born on Catalina Island and raised in Page. She graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA with a degree in speech pathology. Brendyce is splitting her river days in the summer between Glen and Grand Canyons. When she’s not working on the river, you can find Brendyce out on Lake Powell wakeboarding with friends and family.


After serving in the US Navy, Frank worked as a professional photographer in California. He has been guiding in Glen Canyon since 2001 and has the photos to prove it. When he’s not on the river, you can find Frank helping out at the John Wesley Powell Museum or teaching at Page’s Coconino Community College.


Gerry’s been guiding in Glen Canyon since 2001. His avid love of birding, hiking, and anything to do with canyon country is apparent to anyone who speaks with him. Gerry is a licensed Master Falconer who has flown several species of hawks and falcons.