River Kids

Many school groups throughout the country travel to Page each year to take part in a Colorado River Discovery smoothwater float trip. These excursions are just plain fun for everyone involved. But they also represent an important educational opportunity for the teachers and students who participate. To help educators and students benefit from the educational aspect of our trips, Colorado River Discovery is very pleased to announce our River Kids education program.

River Kids was designed in partnership with the National Park Service and in conjunction with the Colorado River Discovery river guide staff.  In addition to more topically focused educational content, the River Kids program has been designed to generate an awareness of and appreciation for the National Park Service’s critical mission of preserving our nation’s natural and cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy.

The core idea behind River Kids is to help teachers easily capitalize on the educational aspect of our river trips by providing high quality educational lesson plans and associated classroom or project related materials in advance, so the concepts and information involved can be further brought to life on the trip itself. The lesson plans are structured so as to identify the learning objective, the coinciding academic standards, and to provide teachers with relevant information, questions, and activities to maximize student learning.

If you are an educator and are interested in supporting Colorado River Discovery’s River Kids program, please call our office at 888-522-6644. We are looking for partners just like you to help us make River Kids an outstanding success.

Click below to see some examples of the workbooks we use while doing River Kids programs in Glen Canyon.


RiverKidsWorkbook RiverKids 4-6 :

  • Ecology Activities – Glen Canyon Communities
  • Geology Activies – Rock Cycle
  • Human History Activities – Native American Petroglyphs & Westward Expansion
  • Colorado River Watershed Activities – Water Cycle & Human Use of watershed resources


  • Ecology Activities – Adaptations
  • Geology Activities – Erosion & River Morphology
  • Human History Activities – Glen Canyon Dam Construction & Hydroelectric Power Generation
  • Colorado River Watershed Activities – Colorado River Compact 1922


  • Ecology Activities – Native Fish of the Colorado River
  • Geology Activities – Rock Layers of Glen Canyon
  • Human History Activities – Glen Canyon Dam Debate
  • Colorado River Watershed Activities – Watershed Pre & Post Glen Canyon Dam