Who is CRD…

In the fall of 2005, the National Park Service selected Colorado River Discovery, LLC to operate the daily Colorado River Rafting tour operation below Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona. Founded by three partners with deep recreational river running experience in some of America’s most special places, Colorado River Discovery is dedicated to providing its customers with an unparallelled National Park visitor experience of the highest quality. We also want you to have a lot of fun on your trip with us!

The company’s owners, John Vail, Scott Seyler and Mark Grisham, are passionate believers in the purposes and goals of the National Park Service. We are committed to making sure your brief visit with us has a lasting impact. Our values include a profound commitment to the proper stewardship of our nation’s precious natural and cultural heritage. We truly value our role in helping make this richness accessible to our guests. We hope to impart that same sense of awe and wonder we still feel on each and every trip down the river.

As a means of expressing these values, Colorado River Discovery is committed to pursuing the development of a non-fossil fuel, quiet or nearly silent motorboat propulsion system for use in our operations, and possibly elsewhere within the National Park System. In the coming years, our goal is to move closer and closer to true sustainability by capitalizing, as is sensible, on the many exciting and hoped for breakthrough technologies now under rapid development in the alternative vehicle research community.

We are equally proud of our “River Kids” school group educational program. We have developed age-appropriate teaching materials that, together with reduced-cost river trips, are intended to provide a great educational opportunity for any interested school group. The idea is to help instill in our nation’s young people a shared sense of respect for our environment while fostering an appreciation for each of our roles in protecting our nation’s irreplaceable natural and cultural resources for present and future enjoyment and inspiration.

Having spent most of our lives providing river rafting trips for the public, we are accustomed to seeing those who join us, particularly the unsuspecting, touched and moved by their encounter with the natural world. The Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam possess this power. This is a wonderful but moderately priced trip, the perfect day outing. We hope you’ll join us for a discovery that might touch you in ways you might not anticipate. Colorado River Discovery, “Come and see what we love… you’re gonna be inspired”.