Our Equipment

Motorized River Rafts

Colorado River Discovery utilizes inflatable, motorized pontoon rafts. Comfortably carrying a maximum of 22 passengers and piloted by an experienced guide, these rafts are ideal for navigating the Colorado River between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry, Arizona.

This stretch of the mighty Colorado, located just above the northeastern boundary of Grand Canyon National Park, is among the most dramatic and scenic found anywhere. This remaining portion of original Glen Canyon is one of the river’s true treasures, and one of the few places along the river’s entire length where such stunning scenery is accessible for day tours.

Each Colorado River Discovery raft is powered by one of the cleanest, most fuel efficient and quietest outboard motors available today, supplied by Honda Marine. In addition to moving under power, you will also spend time on your trip gently floating along with the river’s current while your guide tells the area’s story.

Just in case, each raft carries emergency communications and safety equipment. Cold water and lemonade will be available at all times. Because this is a smoothwater stretch of river, the wearing of lifejackets by adults is optional. Children, twelve years and younger, must wear a lifejacket at all times while the rafts are underway.

Oar Powered River Rafts

Colorado River Discovery utilizes Northwest River Supply Expedition – 180 self bailing rafts. These rafts can comfortably carry up to 8 passengers. These rafts allow us to be much more intimate with the river and the canyon under the power of the river’s current and one set of oars captained by your guide.

The Colorado River Discovery Oar Rafts are the cleanest source of navigating any waterway. With the raft being powered and navigated by the highly skilled arms and legs of your experienced river guide.

Because this stretch of river will be smoothwater rafting, the wearing of lifejackets by adults is optional. Children, twelve years and younger, must wear a lifejacket at all times while the rafts are underway.

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“Greening” Our Fleet

We are committed to doing everything we can to reduce the effects that we have on the environment while sharing this region with all who are interested in experiencing beautiful Glen Canyon.

Our “Green” boats are constructed of lighter materials providing a smoother ride through the water and more efficient use of fossil fuels. These minor changes have reduced the amount of fuel used on a trip by approximately half.

Colorado River Discovery was proud to unveil the first of the “Green” prototype boats in 2008. Our second “Green” raft, which is 4 feet longer than the traditional rafts and is able to accommodate more guests, was produced in 2009. We added two more “Green” rafts to our fleet consecutively in 2010 and in 2011.  Another was added to the fleet during the 2012 Season.


Helios In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial in 2016, we unveiled Helios, the first 100% all electric raft on the Colorado River. Helios produces zero emissions, exponentially reducing waste products that could pollute the environment or disrupt the climate.

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CRD will continue our efforts to lessen the environmental impact we place on the Colorado River through green technology and smart operations.