While in Page, AZ

The Grand Circle is a concentration of some of the best National Parks, ancient ruins of civilizations, deep canyons, wildlife, and wind weathered sandstone formations. Page, AZ is considered the center of the Grand Circle. While you’re visiting Page before or after your Colorado River Discovery smoothwater float trip, check out some of the other great activities in the area.

To help you enjoy your stay, check out these great places to stay and great restaurants. Throughout the year, Page plays host to some truly amazing events.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Encompassing over 1.2 million acres, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA) offers unparalleled opportunities for water-based & backcountry recreation. The recreation area stretches for hundreds of miles from Lees Ferry in Arizona to the Orange Cliffs of southern Utah. There are year-round opportunities for houseboating and pleasure boating on the waters of Lake Powell with help from Antelope Point Marina or Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas. You can also visit the world’s largest known natural bridge at Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

For a touch of tranquility, cast off in a kayak and explore Lake Powell’s colorful canyons and isolated tributaries with a guided tour or on your own with rentals from Hidden Canyon Kayak. Try fly fishing for rainbow trout below Glen Canyon Dam with Lees Ferry Anglers or Marble Canyon Outfitters. Venture farther uplake on a fishing adventure with This Side of That Guide Service.

Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam

You will find the Carl Hayden Visitor Center hanging over the east side Glen Canyon overlooking the Glen Canyon Dam. Tours of the dam, exhibits, video shows, and a relief map of the entire Glen Canyon area are available for viewing. Potential National Park Service Junior Rangers are invited to participate in programs and earn a badge.

Slot Canyon Tours

Canyon country is known for its amazing sandstone formations. Only minutes away from Page, AZ, you’ll find amazing geological masterpieces carved over millions of years by wind and water. Photographers and sightseers enjoy hiking through these breathtaking chasms. Several companies offer tours to Antelope Canyon as well as other slot canyons on the Navajo Nation. If you’d like to visit a slot canyon, contact Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours, Antelope Canyon Tours or Chief Tsosie’s Antelope Slot Canyon Tours.

Page Attractions

Visit the John Wesley Powell Museum, Page’s only history museum, and experience memorabilia and photos from Major Powell’s Colorado River voyages, along with a unique collection of Native American and pioneer artifacts, and specialty art exhibits.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River located five miles (8.5 km) downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam about four miles or 6 km southwest of Page. Horseshoe Bend can be viewed from the steep cliff above. The overlook is 4,200 feet above sea level and the Colorado River is at 3,200 feet above sea level making it a breathtaking 1,000 foot drop. It is a short ¾ of a mile hike from US Route 89.

The Wave

The Wave is a sandstone rock formation located near the Arizona/Utah border on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes, in the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. Swirled bands of color run through the sandstone, which has eroded into interesting shapes. The colors and shapes change with the light as the day progresses. Red, pink, yellow and green rock has been blended together to form castles, beehives, chutes and other structures. It makes a great destination for a short, moderately difficult day hike for sightseers, avid hikers and photographers.

Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch is the longest and deepest slot canyon in the Southwest. With the narrows extending nearly 15 miles, some sections are less than 10 feet wide from side to side. At the confluence of Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon, the narrow canyon grows steadily narrower as it travels downstream. Because of the depth of the canyon walls, the sun is rarely able to reach the bottom resulting in dark marked canyon walls, as well as swirls and curves worn by floods. Backpackers may come upon residual pools of water and mud. While the pools are normally no more than 3 feet deep, swimming isn’t a rare requirement. However, overcoming these obstacles will be worth it for a chance to view the spectacular canyon views Buckskin Gulch has to offer.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Nearly five million people see the mile deep Grand Canyon each year. Most see it from their cars at overlooks along the rim.  Many others hike down or explore by mule. Others prefer to see it from a raft at the bottom along the Colorado River. While others take to the sky and fly over the rim by helicopter or plane. Our friends at Bright Angel Bicycles also provide a unique way to experience the canyon on 2 wheels.