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Fun for the Whole Family!

Rafting fun for the whole family

Between work, school and extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to get the whole family together for some quality time. Even family dinner isn’t without its distractions; television and other electronics can monopolize what little free time you have during a busy week. The best place to socialize with your loved ones, free from modern distractions, is outdoors, where you can all appreciate the beauty and calmness of nature together without interruption. If you and your family prefer a little more adventure, rafting might be the perfect activity for you!

Glen Canyon

Colorado River Discovery, based in Page, Arizona, offers half-day rafting trips down the scenic Colorado River; your trip begins with a two-mile ride through the Glen Canyon Dam access tunnel. The 710-foot tall dam was completed in 1966 by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and formed Lake Powell, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the United States.1

Quality Time

Nothing gets a family closer together than being seated around a motorized pontoon raft, surrounded by water! Our rafts comfortably carry a maximum of 22 passengers, but during the trip it will be easy for you to sit close with your loved ones and appreciate the sights. Sharing such a fun, awe-inspiring experience is guaranteed to make memories you can enjoy for years to come.

Appreciate the Outdoors

A leisurely trip down the Colorado River gives you the opportunity to experience all the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. Herons, osprey, beavers, muskrats and a variety of fish all call the area their home. The surrounding air, water and land are filled with interesting critters.

There is also a variety of vegetation along the water’s edge. More than 3, 000 vascular plants have been discovered in the region and nearly 10% are only found in the Colorado Plateau.2

A Guided Tour

While underway, your entire trip will be led be an experienced guide who is familiar with the canyon. Your guide will tell the area’s story of soaring sandstone cliffs, crystal blue-green waters, abundant wildlife, former inhabitation by native cultures, exploration by Major John Wesley Powell, and the Colorado River’s modern role in the Southwest’s water and power delivery system. The trip even includes a stop along the way to view ancient petroglyphs left behind by Ancestral Puebloan peoples, making your adventure a simultaneously educational and relaxing experience.

For a truly unique outdoor family experience, reserve a trip with Colorado River Discovery today. With six amazing adventures to choose from, you’re guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime.



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