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Coming Prepared For Your Rafting Adventure

Thrill seekers and families alike flock to the Colorado River to experience some of the country’s wildest whitewater and most beautiful smooth-water. If this is your first rodeo, however, the idea of rafting may be a bit nerve-wracking. Knowing what to bring, wear and prepare before you set out can help you think less about supplies and more about the river before you.

What To Bring

Always remember to stay hydrated and be sure to bring a refillable water bottle. Don’t forget your camera, you’ll definitely want to take lots of photos! You may bring a lunch or you can purchase lunch items at the Colorado River Discovery store. We will be entering a Homeland Security site in order to get to the launch site, therefore no weapons of any kind (i.e. guns, pepper spray, tasers, knives) are allowed. Lastly, bring a great attitude and be prepared to really enjoy the day.

What To Wear

Make sure you are prepared to spend the day outside. Because weather conditions change throughout the season, check the weather forecast before your arrival. In the spring and fall, we can experience cooler temperatures and windy days, jackets and rain gear may be appropriate. Arizona’s monsoon, or rainy season, starts in July and ends in September. We may experience thunderstorms and afternoon rain showers during these months, so bringing rain gear is advisable.

Sun protection is a must, so bring a brimmed hat, light weight long-sleeve shirt for protection against the sun, sunscreen and lip balm.

Other than that, regular clothing will be appropriate for your rafting adventure, as you shouldn’t be getting especially wet except for the rare splash. We do suggest swim suits during the summer for your comfort, but regular clothing is also fine.

Wear shoes or footwear that you find comfortable, but keep in mind there is a short hike to a petroglyph panel and bare feet are not especially comfortable if the sand is hot. Although not an especially rigorous or difficult hike, it’s likely best to wear footwear that would be appropriate for a short trek.

You’ll be provided with life jackets before beginning your excursion.

What To Keep On Shore

Sun exposure is always a concern regardless of where you are, and depending on the time of day or where we are on the river there may not be a lot of shade. We advise guests to bring bandanas or smaller towels that can be dipped in the river so they can cool down, plus these can act as a bit of additional protection from the sun. It’s also a great idea to bring extra water bottles to leave on shore, as staying hydrated, especially in Arizona, is important.

What To Expect

Depending on your adventure, you may have different expectations. However, you will always have a professional with you to ensure your trip is as enjoyable and safe as possible. Protect yourself against the sun during your adventure to prevent sunburn.

For smooth-water tours, expect gorgeous views and fascinating information on the history of the river and the surrounding areas. In whitewater rides, your professional rafting guide will help you steer and explain proper rafting technique.

Experience Arizona’s Waters

Enjoy a family outing to Arizona’s gorgeous stretch of the Colorado River! To book your next adventure, contact Colorado River Discovery online or call 888-522-6644.

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