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The Best Way to See the Colorado River

Glen Canyon rafting
The Colorado River is one of the largest rivers in the Southwest, stretching across seven U.S. and two Mexican states. You have to get up close to truly immerse yourself in all the splendor of the blue-green water and soaring cliffs. Less tiring than hiking or whitewater excursions, guided smoothwater rafting and kayaking tours are the best ways to explore the Colorado River at a leisurely pace.


Riding down a river is the best way to unwind and get away from the daily stresses of work, school and any other monotonous ordeals you might experience on a day-to-day basis. Motorized rafts can provide an exciting, enjoyable ride while oar-powered trips can be almost meditative. All you have to do is sit and relax! While underway, your trip guide will take the opportunity to tell you and your group the area’s story, making it a simultaneously educational and relaxing experience. Both half-day and full-day canyon trips make temporary stops so you can absorb and appreciate the nature around you.

See the Sights

Taking a kayak or rafting trip down the Colorado River is the closest you can get to the beautiful waters. It also offers a distinctly unique view of the Glen Canyon Dam and other surrounding rock formations; some of our trip packages even take you through the iconic Horseshoe Bend. Rowing trips allow you to experience all the river has to offer at a quiet, leisurely pace.

The serenity of kayaking and rafting doesn’t just benefit you, but the surrounding wildlife as well. Many small mammals, fish and reptiles live in or along the water. A quiet approach allows you to see more than you would in a louder boat, or if you were hiking through brush.

Our trips also include a stop at Petros Beach, where you can see an amazing Ancestral Puebloan petroglyph panel.

Use Our Equipment

Kayaks and rafts aren’t cheap; even renting your own for a day can be fairly expensive. Colorado River Discovery trips allow you to enjoy kayaking and rafting without the pricey equipment fees. We use both motorized and oar-powered rafts, depending on the trip, and are committed to preserving the beauty of the environment. Our “green” boats are made with lighter materials which allow for a smoother trip and better fuel efficiency.

For a truly unique Colorado River experience, reserve a trip with Colorado River Discovery today. With six amazing adventures to choose from, you’re guaranteed to make great memories.

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